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Athletic Mouth Guards

A Child with sparring gloves and a athletic mouth guard at North Hills Dental in Hillsboro, ORWe love sports and activities, and love supporting kids, teens and adults being active. Like parents everywhere, we also want everyone to be safe. Mouth related injuries is the number one most reported injury when it comes to individual and team activities both indoors and outdoors. To protect the mouth, a sportsguard or mouthguard is an essential piece of athletic gear that should be part of every standard equipment checklist, even from an early age. At North Hills Dental, we hope you push your muscles and endurance, while taking your health into consideration, including your oral health.

There are a number of sports when a mouthguard seems obvious, or even required, such as football or boxing. But there are many sports where mouth injuries happen even more frequently. Studies show that soccer and basketball have even higher dental injury rates than youth playing football. The reality is that though collision and contact sports are higher-risk sports for the mouth, dental injury can occur in non-contact activities too, such as gymnastics and skating.

Most Common Oral Injuries From Activities

Kids and adults alike can experience any number of mouth related injuries while participating in a sport or activity. Some of the most common reported include:
•  Lacerations: Lacerations, cuts or bites can occur to the lips, tongue and other soft tissue. We will want to check the area for damage, see if stitches are needed and help prevent the development of infection. A mouthguard shields the teeth from making contact with the soft tissue when impact occurs.
•  Broken or Knocked Out Teeth: When impact occurs, teeth are subject to breakage or even being fully avulsed or knocked out. A sports guard reduces the amount of impact by spreading the impact across the device reducing the damage to teeth.
•  Head Impact: Mouth guards have been found to reduce the trauma and severity of concussion by taking some of the impact to the device itself and spreading the impact across the device.

Protecting your teeth matters. Simply by wearing a mouthguard, you can reduce the likelihood of tooth damage or even extraction. Having your sportguard customized by our team is even better.

Why should I have my Mouthguard Customized?

When it comes to mouthguards, there are a few options. There are different forms of store bought guards that come in a one size fits all, but only one that is customized by our team at North Hills Dental. Having your sportsguard customized means that it will fit comfortably in your mouth, made to specifically fit you. Customized mouth guards provide the highest in comfort and safety, with measures in place to allow for optimal oxygen flow. Store bought mouthguards are often too big and too bulky, making them difficult to wear. Having your sportsguard custom made vastly improves the comfort and feel and that means you are much more likely to wear it.

For more information on mouthguards and protecting your teeth while playing sports, contact our Hillsboro at (503) 567-4121.

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